The Azimuth Diversified Fund, LLC is a fund of hedge funds focused on sustainable investing. We believe it is important to incorporate into the investment process the realization that the world is depleting its natural resources at an alarming pace. Driven by population growth and urbanization, this process has implications for future raw material price and availability. We aim to allocate to those hedge funds that invest in companies adapting to this new environment.

In addition, we believe that hedge funds that integrate ESG factors (environmental impact, socially responsible investing and good corporate governance) into their investment process make an excellent complement to our sustainability focus, as these non-financial measures can have a positive impact on both risk and return.

Some areas that our hedge fund managers allocate to include renewable energy, efficiency, water, agriculture and bottom of the pyramid initiatives. We also look across various industries and geographies while keeping a sharp focus on portfolio liquidity.

An azimuth is the angular distance measured from the north point on the horizon (0 degrees) to the given location of a celestial object measured eastward along the horizon. For example, an object due east would have an azimuth of 90 degrees, while an object due west would have an azimuth of 270 degrees. A skilled practitioner can use the azimuth and altitude of a celestial body to navigate when others cannot, by filtering the disorder of a crowded sky.